Judogami is an educational tool, it takes the rules and techniques of judo to a fun environment, facilitating natural learning by kids.

Judogami it´s a Board game based on a children’s class of judo, the techniques are reviewed, the competition rules, besides the values and culture of Judo, it is inspired on traditional games to make it understandable to children, has a very simple and adaptable playability, contains the main 30 techniques and all the arbitral expressions,it also contains 70 questions about techniques and history of Judo. It can be played practicing the techniques or as a normal Board game, helping to facilitate the retention of names and expressions, as well as to introduce more technical aspects, always bearing in mind the moral code of the Judo, what we believe is what must first be shown to children.

 A game with 6 players lasts about 60 minutes and the goal of the game is to get first to the central box. To do this you will have to dodge the penalty boxes, answer correctly to questions about techniques and history of judo, manage well your jokers and be accurate in the dice fights with your peers. Judogami mixes knowledge, strategy and luck to create a fun environment where children can get acquainted with the fundamentals of this sport. The team that composes Judogami has spent a year developing the game, both Sergio and me, besides being judo practitioners, we have always been great fans of board games and we have been especially careful that the game was fluid and entertaining.











Judogami born teaching the names of the judo techniques to our children, theory sometimes it is dificult for kids, we discovered it is a lot easier if you bring the names and the rules to a playground where the kids where children get carried away by the spirit of the game


PROTOTYPE VIDEO .CLICK & WATCH                                                                                                   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xXb6hUEJLs

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