Judogami is the new and exciting judo table-top game that your kids will love. It is highly educative as well as having the capabilities to teach you and your family the core values of judo from the comfort of your living room or like a tool to break the routine in the dojo or gym .

It is an educational masterpiece that teaches the core values of Judo: politeness, courage, honour, honesty, modesty, respect, self-control and friendship. Its beautiful design will keep your kids entertained for ages, as well as teaching them the fundamental skills taught in the first four years of Judo training.

Embark on a fun-filled judo journey to get to the centre of the board as quickly as possible. Make sure you have your workout clothes on, as Judogami will get everyone up and working a sweat. In addition to this, show off your judo moves like a master! Then, prove yourself a holder of wisdom; enjoy aspects of the game where you show your knowledge of Judo’s rich history. This new table-top game is exactly the type of educational tool your kids need to get rid of that excess energy in the most fun way possible. It is not just a game. All things considered, it can be a chance to learn valuable skills and better the lives of children.
Judogami has some simple rules, easy to learn and also easy to adapt to different situations, Judogami can be played by up to 12 players if you choose the modality of pairs. Whether you are at home or at the gym or dojo you can adapt the level of demand and competitiveness of the game. Judogami is designed so that veteran judokas and newcomers to the world of Judo can exchange knowledge, techniques and a lot of fun. In case the coach or the sensei is not around we developed a tutorial video for each technique represented in the boardgame so you can check it on Youtube to make sure you are developing the rights moves.

Discover Judo Gami


The board is divided into three different categories of squares. Land on a yellow technical square and you will be required to demonstrate your favourite Judo techniques. If you happen to land on a blue prize square, your knowledge of Judo will be tested – succeed and you will be rewarded with a wildcard or an extra roll of the dice. Find yourself on a red penalty square and…oops…you may have to go back a few spaces or sit out your next turn. This is just a short taste of the fun that awaits within the educational world of this new table-top board game. As a matter of fact, you will have to play it and see for yourself!

To sum up this masterpiece: the hours of craftsmanship and thought show not only in a picturesque game, but also in the memories it creates and skills it teaches. Every roll of the dice brings you one move closer to more fun and greater education – for your kids and their friends.

An effective tool for teaching judo

Judogami was born playing with the daughters of Sergio, so from the first moment our goal was to get the children to forget that they were studying the names of the techniques or the general knowledge of judo, and let themselves be carried away by the emotion of the game, since, children when they are playing do not realize they are studying.

All of us who integrate the Judogami team are passionate about martial arts, and especially judo, when the possibility of developing a vehicle to transmit our passion to children arose, we were clear that we were going to finish it.

One of our goals is already fulfilled, we have managed to dedicate a lot of effort and affection in the development of the game and that we already count as profit, our next goal is for the rest of the judo fans to enjoy playing as much as we have enjoyed developing it. .



This is the great little team of Judogami.

Diego Montesinos
the one with the drawings
Diego Rodriguez
the one with the articles
Sergio Paredes
the one with the social media
Juan Carlos Paredes
the one with the videos

Judogami Blog

We are passionate about judo, and we like to share our passion, in our blog we like to write about Olympic judo and we also love receiving contributions so if you have any article, photo or video that you want to share, please, send it to us.

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Judogami the Judo board game

Judogami is an educational tool, it takes the rules and techniques of judo to a fun environment, facilitating natural learning by kids. Judogami it´s a ...

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