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A history of how powerful Judo can be.

Posted by Diego Rodriguez on

A history of how powerful Judo can be.

There are two principles of Judo that we believe in at Judogami: 1) Kuzushi (balance); and 2) Jita kyoei (mutual benefit). Indeed, one can walk peacefully in this world if they have assimilated these concepts in their life. In the practice of judo you learn that balance depends on how you act. It is easy to maintain the balance when you are not interacting with something or someone, but then things get complicated when an external force challenges our balance.

Standing up straight requires effort, technique, and courage. Most of us were born in environments where we have been taught to stand despite such forces. We have been educated to respect ourselves. But there are cases in this world where people have lived in an chaos since day 1 of their life. A child of not just one, but two alcoholic parents in rural part of South Africa is what I am thinking about today. The chances that such a child can succeed in life is low, but through the magic of Jita kyoei we can provide such people with harmony and solidarity.

My faith in humanity is that we can help such people by working together. Ingrid founded “Inspire” based on the philosophy of giving tools, not charity, for people wanting to improve their lives.

Mentoring is a basic part for the progress in Judo and life

The goal is to cover the basic needs of communities, which includes education and a push to self-sufficiency. Inspire's goal is to fight the perpetuation of poverty, as well as create opportunities to help people rise from their situation of need. Ingrid had the opportunity to learn Judo since childhood, which helped her overcome all obstacles in her path. She integrated the teaching of Judo into her educational program.

Today, Inspire Youth and Children has provided dozens of children with access to learning, and has created a team of child champions in her local competition scene. Judogami wants to help this great project.


Judo game for kids 

We believe that Judo is a powerful tool to help projects such as Inspire. We believe that constructing little Judo champions results in a better world. With the launch of our second game, we have designed a limited edition of 100 units, the amount of which will be entirely donated to the Judo program of Inspire Youth and Children. Make a gift by buying a gift! With this edition of Judotazos, you will make your little Judokas happy, and will play a role in helping Inspire continue to make a difference in this small corner of South Africa.


Support campaign - www.judogami.com 

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